E-Com Brand PRO FAQs

Facebook Ads

Kindly refer Video #2.2 of E-Commerce Masters Programhttps://prnt.sc/sqk79r

Business Manager:
Let’s say ‘BIZ’ is the Facebook Business Manager name. Make sure the Business Manager (BIZ) is created under your original Personal Facebook account.

Let’s say ‘ADI’ is the Ad Account name. Make sure the Ad-account (ADI) (which you want to use for your e-com business), is only created under the same Business Manager (BIZ), not under your Personal Facebook account.

Let’s say ‘PIX’ is the name of the Pixel. Make sure the Pixel (PIX) is created under the same Ad-account (ADI), not under the Business Manager (BIZ). 

*Make sure to use the Ad-account pixel for the store, not the default Business Manager Pixel.
*Make sure you’re using the same Ad account Pixel Pixel (PIX), which you’ve created under the same Ad-account (ADI).


Fulfillment & Shipping

Step: 1

Your store is already connected with the merchandise/fulfillment center of Amfasys, so the order process will be transferred automatically. Refer here: https://prnt.sc/sracob

There are two ways to fulfill an order:

Option 1. Fulfillment process by Yourself:


(First Login to your Amfasys Merchandise account with your given credential to access the link)


Option 2. Fulfillment process by Amfasys Merchandise Team: (Recommended by Amfasys)

If you want us to manage the complete fulfillment process, then you just need to add money to your Amfasys Merchandise Wallet, refer: https://prnt.sc/z7z7teWe have wallet system, you can maintain your Amfasys Merchandise Wallet, in this case you do not need to pay everyday to fulfil the same day orders. The orders will be automatically fulfilled to your customers and the base price will be automatically deducted from your Amfasys Merchandise Wallet. 

Step: 2

Once you pay the base price of your orders to Amfasys, it will be packed with your branding and selling price. Order will get shipped within 2-3 working days.

Step: 3

Your will get the report and tracking details of the order once the order get shipped. The order will be delivered to your customer at the given time frame.

In case of RTO, the order will be returned to the Amfasys Fulfilment center address, which will be mentioned over the packaging.

In case of any manufacturing defect or damage in shipping, Amfasys will be covered the cost the new item which your customer will receive in the 2nd time.
You or your customer need not to pay for the new item again.

COD Remittance amount will be initiated to your given bank account on your requested date, only after 10 days of your order gets delivered to your customer. The same amount may take 2-3 days after we initiate the transaction to reflect into your bank account depending your bank time frame for NEFT transaction.

Amfasys Marketplace

You will find a tab called PRODUCT LISTINGS under every product page details. You just need to download the Product CSV file available under PRODUCT LISTINGS TAB, then import the same CSV file to your Store > Product > Import product section.

Selling Price is already mentioned in the Amfasys Marketplace under each product, but to set the right pricing on your store, you should first check the product price of your competitors in Google and set the comparative selling price to win the competition. Otherwise 3x of the Base Price is a standard Selling Price for any products.